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We solve problems for Federal contractors in the areas of procurement pricing strategy, cost leadership and program management.

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Who we are

Welcome to JACOBS Management Consultants. We Specialize in providing US Federal Contractors consulting solutions in the areas of acquisition pricing strategy, cost leadership and program management.
Our mission is to provide consistent, compliant and competitive solutions to your financial procurement and financial organization; enabling you to compete effectively and operate efficiently.

15+ Years of Experience

Overseeing all finance and budgeting operations for small to medium sized businesses.


We strive to be your ideal, cost effective solution for all your Cost & Pricing and PMO needs.


Consistency is a quickly depreciating quality in most all facets of business. Our customers can expect our approach and quality of service, consistent across all our offerings, at any given time. Consider our Cost Strategy Services – our recommendations and evaluations always conform with your existing cost accounting methodologies and pertinent regulatory requirements. No exceptions.  


When it comes to Federal contracting, there is no choice BUT to be compliant. Our methodologies, review, recommendations and training are all compliant with both applicable Federal contracting requirements (FAR, DFAR, CAS, CAM), and internal customer-specific requirements and regulations. For example, when providing a purchasing system audit support, our recommendations and reviews are in direct correlation with FAR 44 or CAM (Chapter 5).  


Our services enable you to compete more effectively and efficiently. Using a knowledge based consulting approach, we work with you to recognize, realize and react upon your price and non-price competitive factors. For our Price To Win (PTW) services, we work with you to build a solution & data driven bottoms up work breakdown structure (WBS), forcing you to understand every facet of your procurement.    

Our Services

Cost & Price Strategy

Our cost strategy consulting focuses on evaluating current cost structures to help your business improve or maintain cost competitiveness.

Best Value Strategy

Our recommendations are always based on facts and data, rather than intuition and assumptions.

Competitive Analysis

We scour and use a multi-faceted, yet simple, approach to understand the competitive market, enabling you to compete smarter.

Audit Support

We believe in a proactive approach to ensuring that all your Business Systems are both compliant and consistent in their use of application.

Cost Proposal Management

Our services provide a full rounded and cost effective solution to your Cost/Price proposal needs.

Project Management

We believe that projects of different sizes, complexities, and types require their unique management process.


Having an intelligent workforce who understand cost consequences has proven to be an invaluable facet in every growing organization.

Agencies Supported



Air Force

Defense Intelligence Agency

Missile Defense Agency

National Geospatial Agency


Health and Human Services (HHS)

General Sales Agency (GSA)

Department of Homeland Security

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